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      V1 Winslow; [441] and he set himself to intrenching his camp; then had the forest cut down for the space of a mile from the lake to the mountains, so that the trees, lying in what he calls a "promiscuous manner," formed an almost impenetrable abatis. An escaped prisoner told him that the French were coming to visit him with fourteen thousand men; [442] but Montcalm thought no more of stirring than Loudon himself; and each stood watching the other, with the lake between them, till the season closed. substitute for a French wife.

      [616] See Appendix G.

      Courcelles March.His Failure and Return.Courcelle and the Jesuits.Mohawk Treachery.Tracys Expedition.Burning of the Mohawk Towns.French and English.Dollier de Casson at St. Anne.Peace.The Jesuits and the Iroquois. * One of the men, telling the story of their sufferings to

      All the affairs of the company were placed in the hands of seven directors, who began immediately to complain that their burdens were too heavy, and to beg for more privileges; while an outcry against the privileges already granted rose from those who had not taken shares in the enterprise. Both in the company[Pg 30] and out of it there was nothing but discontent. None were worse pleased than the two Jesuits Carheil and Marest, who saw their flocks at Michilimackinac, both Hurons and Ottawas, lured away to a new home at Detroit. Cadillac took a peculiar satisfaction in depriving Carheil of his converts, and in 1703 we find him writing to the minister Ponchartrain, that only twenty-five Hurons are left at Michilimackinac; and "I hope," he adds, "that in the autumn I shall pluck this last feather from his wing; and I am convinced that this obstinate priest will die in his parish without one parishioner to bury him."[36]

      The deputies, being then called in and told this decision, became alarmed, and offered to swear allegiance in the terms required. The answer was that it was too late; that as they had refused the oath under persuasion, they could not be trusted when they took it under compulsion. It remained to see whether the people at large would profit by their example.

      Pouchot had now no choice but surrender. By the terms of the capitulation, the garrison were to be sent prisoners to New York, though honors of war were granted them in acknowledgment of their courageous conduct. There was a special stipulation that they should be protected from the Indians, of whom they stood in the greatest terror, lest the massacre of Fort William Henry should be avenged upon them. Johnson restrained his dangerous allies, and, though the fort was pillaged, no blood was shed.CHAPTER XII.




      half complete.


      Phips on the St. Lawrence ? Phips at Quebec ? A Flag of Truce ? Scene at the Chateau ? The Summons and the Answer ? Plan of Attack ? Landing of the English ? The Cannonade ? The Ships repulsed ? The Land Attack ? Retreat of Phips ? Condition of Quebec ? Rejoicings of the French ? Distress at Boston.