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      Dvques et de grands vicaires,She took off his hat, and put her flower-bedecked one in its place; and, strange to say, Varleys remarkable good looks came through even this severe test triumphantly.

      "Why should a yacht be bad?" asked Isola, lazily beginning her breakfast, Tabitha standing by the table all the time, ready for conversation.

      What do you mean? she asked.

      All hesitation and huskiness were gone from manner and voice. He stood like a pillar, with his face turned towards his sister-in-law, his eyes resolute and inquiring.

      They, therefore, removed to the little town of Zug, on the lake of that name, professing to be an Irish family and living in the strictest retirement. To any one who has seen the little town of Zug, it must, even now, appear remote and retired, but in those days it had indeed the aspect of a refuge forgotten by the world. Sheltered by the mighty Alps, the little town clusters at the foot of the steep slope covered with grass and trees, along the shores of the blue lake. A hundred years ago it must have been an ideal hiding place.

      But what is your country and profession?

      "But you must have cared for other girls before now. I can't believe that I am the first."Esmeralda just glanced at him, and then, woman-like, transferred all her attention to the lady; and as she looked, a little thrill of admiration ran through her; that tribute to another womans beauty which a beautiful, generous woman is always ready to pay.




      All the people you know are lords and ladies, she said.