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      [311] Procs Verbal fait au poste de St. Louis, le 18 Avril, 1686.

      [99] Colbert Duchesneau, 28 Avril, 1677.

      The young Pelasgian chief had laid aside helmet, armor, spear, and shield. A gold circlet confined his waving black hair, and a white cloak with a broad yellow border fell in graceful folds a little below his knees. All eyes rested with pleasure on the handsome youth."We are Lutherans."

      Again a mutter was heard, that sounded like a feeble remonstrance.

      [2] "S'il arriuoit quelque dgel, ? Dieu quelle peine! Il me sembloit que ie marchois sur vn chemin de verre qui se cassoit tous coups soubs mes pieds: la neige congele venant s'amollir, tomboit et s'enfon?oit par esquarres ou grandes pieces, et nous en auions bien souuent iusques aux genoux, quelquefois iusqu' la ceinture Que s'il y auoit de la peine tomber, il y en auoit encor plus se retirer: car nos raquettes se chargeoient de neiges et se rendoient si pesantes, que quand vous veniez les retirer il vous sembloit qu'on vous tiroit les iambes pour vous dmembrer. I'en ay veu qui glissoient tellement soubs des souches enseuelies soubs la neige, qu'ils ne pouuoient tirer ny iambes ny raquettes sans secours: or figurez vous maintenant vne personne charge comme vn mulet, et iugez si la vie des Sauuages est douce."Relation, 1634, 67.

      "De vostre Reuerence tres-humbles et tres-affectionnez seruiteurs en Nostre Seigneur,


      [3] Lalemant, Relation, 1647, 51.


      Having left his offending niece to the devils and bears of the Isles of Demons, Roberval held his course up the St. Lawrence, and dropped anchor before the heights of Cap Rouge. His company landed; there were bivouacs along the strand, a hubbub of pick and spade, axe, saw, and hammer; and soon in the wilderness uprose a goodly structure, half barrack, half castle, with two towers, two spacious halls, a kitchen, chambers, storerooms, workshops, cellars, garrets, a well, an oven, and two watermills. Roberval named it France-Roy, and it stood on that bold acclivity where Cartier had before intrenched himself, the St. Lawrence in front, and on the right the River of Cap Rouge. Here all the colony housed under the same roof, like one of the experimental communities of recent days,officers, soldiers, nobles, artisans, laborers, and convicts, with the women and children in whom lay the future hope of New France.


      Myrtale blushed faintly, but shook her head.