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      The domestics at the lower table had withdrawn, and Oakley, who was continued in his functions as steward, was ordered to see that Holgrave attended.

      She saw them go out of the tent, still linked and in their dream, then watched their dark shapes stoop against the sky."Oh, father! he is dyingthe death-sweats are upon him! and can I, who brought him into sin, see him die under the curse of God? Oh, mercy, holy father! have pity upon him!his soul is repentantindeed it is! We have vowed, if he should recover, to part for everoh, come to him!"

      "We're in a larmentable way up at Grandturzel."

      "It was you who shot the arrow?""NoI have enough to think of, without troubling my head about news!"

      "C?ame here."

      "The freeman shall be righted, and the bondman freedand then will the mission that has made John Ball for thrice twelve months a homeless wanderer, never resting under the same roof a second nightthen will that mission be accomplishedand even if he lay his head upon the block, he will have executed the task allotted to himwill have finished the work he was inspired to begin!"

      There is one other thing, he said. You get four days holiday at Christmas, you and your brother. Are you going to spend them here?



      "Isn't it chick?" said Rose, "I got it in Hastingsthey say it is copied from a Paris model. Now let's go on with the unpacking."


      "I d?an't see that. Wot I can do, they can.""By saint Nicholas!" said he, pushing back the sleeves of his jerkin, and extending his long sinewy arms, "the first man of ye that lays a finger on Wat Turner, had better have shrieved himself; for there is that in this hand (clenching his fist in the face of the man who was nearest, and speaking through his set teeth)there is that in this hand will make ye remember!"